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Collection: Tools for Drilling

We recommend drilling holes in wood prior to driving screws and can also make it easier for hammering larger nails in. A 3mm diameter hole is a perfect size guide hole to drive our wood screws into wood. A 5mm hole is a good clearance size hole for our wood screws, allowing the threaded part of the screw to pass through. Drilling is a great woodworking skill to master.

Hand Drilling

A great range of quality children's size hand drills. Match them with a stubby drill bit to help minimise breakages.

Drill Bits

Our range of drill bits will cover all you children's carpentry needs and more. All our drill bits are suitable for metal, wood and plastic.

  • Drill sets to cover all you general requirements
  • Stubby drill bits that are shorter than standard and therefore less likely to break
  • Impact drill bits have a hex drive on the end and compatible with power screwdrivers

Power Drilling & Driving

Power tools can make light work of any children's carpentry preparation and you can be sure our range of Bosch power tools will do the job.

The Bosch IXO is a small battery operated low speed screwdriver and perfect for One-on-one supervised screw driving with a competent adult. You will need to use hex drive drill bits and driver with this driver.